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Apr 15, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Credit management :Static credit check



I have a question -In automatic Credit Management OVA8 setting, we have check box under Checks tab, 'Static' credit check.

In the same row further there are two check boxes 'Open orders' and 'Open deliveries'. What are these meant for please?We are using update rule 000012.

If we go by SAP documents, Unless Dynamic credit check,Static credit check considers total credit exposure in which it takes into account total value of all open orders, open deliveries,open billing and open items.In that sense what these check box for as system considers all open documents for credit check?

In which scenarios we can use these check boxes?

I went through posts too and it says that- 'For static credit check, system takes only Open billing and Open items in to consideration by default and it is for us to decide to include/exclude 'open orders' and 'open deliveries' as per business requirement' I am not very clear on this part.

Requesting an expert guidance please.

It would be a great help in understanding concept