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Jun 02, 2005 at 01:24 PM

COPA INIT Questions



I have loaded 4 INITs data loads into COPA data target. The 4 INITs are with selection criteria 0Fiscper 002/2005, 003/2005, 004/2005, 005/2005 all single values. It successfully initialized all 4 INITs and loaded all the deltas as of May. However, as June approached, it is not loading any new data at all. Instead, if I run delta, it loades any changes that belogs to the last 4 months. But it is not laading any new data for the month of june.

I think I know the problem but I wnat to confirm with yo guys. My last INIT shold have been a range of 0fiscper, for example, 005/2005 to 001/2020. This logic could have been loaded new data for the month of June also. What do you guys think? I apprecite your response.