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Apr 13, 2012 at 02:57 PM

OrgChart 3.0 Dynamic Hierarchy and Listing


Hi Experts

We are using OrgChart 3.0 SP2 Staged, Build 0702019400.

My requirement is similar to other posts but I have not found a definitive answer.

There are over 10 Org Structures, each with it's own company code.

There is a Root OU at the top of all the structures but the requirement is that each employee can only have visibility to the Structure within their own company code. Rather than create over 10 Hierarchies and associated Listings and try to link with specific roles I would like to have a more dynamic solution if possible.

In the OrgChart Hierarchy I would set the dynamic root based on employee data (per admin guide) but i need to limit the amount of Structure visible and searchable.

Is it possible to use the Data Connection->Data Filter field to limit access to OrgUnitHierachy2 by say adding a company code field to the table and adding a filter to the CURRENTUSER data i,e. COMPANYCODE = [CURRENTUSER.COMPANYCODE], and do something similar in the Listings?

If possible what would the syntax of the filter be and how do I add the Company Code field to the currentuser data?

Has anyone tried this or have a better suggestion on how to proceed.