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Apr 13, 2012 at 02:18 PM

Can't change memberset for additional data expansion


Hi All

I am looking for some help from a reporting expert. I am currently writing a report with two data expansions. The first expansion works fine the second one does not seem to respond to the memberset parameter I am setting.

I have the Time dimension expanded in the columns and my current view is set to look at 2012.TOTAL. The memberset I am using is BAS which should expand to show 2012.P01, 2012.P02, 2012.P03, 2012.P04, etc. Whilst this is the case on the first data expansion the second one behavious differently. If I select BAS as the memberset then second data expansion shows 2012.P01, 2012.P01, 2012.P01, 2012.P01 and so on...

I've attached a copy of the blank report to this discussion to help illustrate the problem.

Appreciate the help if anyone can assist.

Kind Regards,