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Apr 13, 2012 at 01:29 PM

WEBMO Feature Issue (Clock in clock out)


Hi Experts,

I have an issue with the feature Webmo, For my client I had to create 3 differents rules group : one for leave request and 2 for clock in clock out : one te be approved by a manager and the other one without approval.

When I Had to adjust the feature I did it by APPID : ESS_LR for leave request with the correct return value of the rule group.

For ESS_TC : I did another step which is by Personal Area (WERKS) and for the first group I've putted the second rule group (with approval) and for otherwise I've putted the 3rd rule Group (without approval). I activated the feature and I didn't have any error.

Bue When I launched the Clock in clock out Iview from the portal, the page doesn't appear and it take a long time before I have error that the application is not reached and when I tried to trace the error I found that the service is taking like 4 Gigas memory and all the system become slow.

I changed my feature to put only one return value for the ESS_TC and now it's workinf fine.

Do you have any Idea how can I apply the fact that I have to differenciate 2 groups by their personal area in WEBMO ?

Thank you very much for your Help.



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