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Apr 13, 2012 at 12:01 PM

Restore PRD backup to QAS using BR*Tools 7.00



I want to restore the "PRD offline" backup that taken using brtools, to QAS

(Want to Overwrite QAS datafiles, with PRD datafiles)

Is this command format correct?

brrecover [-c force] -t reset -b <brb_log>|last -f <NEW_DBSID>

In SAP Note 1003028, it mentioned

<brb_log>|last - BRBACKUP log name for restore ("last" - last good backup)

How will the QAS going to identify the last good backup log name (Coz backup is from PRD)

Do, i needs to do any modifications in the QAS, backup logs

Please mention how to.

Otherthen, using the above command , What are the steps to follow if i going through brtools menu?

brtools -> restore and recovery ->

Is it ; 1 = Complete database recovery

kindly guide....