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Apr 13, 2012 at 11:34 AM

Attaching a file from the server to a Mail Job


I'm trying to add an attachment to a mail using the Mail JobDefintion Type. The file I'm trying to attach is from a server.

I've been attaching files from relative jobs in a chain successfully for a while now, but have never had any success attaching from the server.

I've created a registry entry configuration/mail/AccessiblePath/temp/SomeNameHere with a value of a the directory from which to grab the file as per the Admin Guide's instructions, but the Mail job always arrives without an attachment.

The file I'm trying to grab is from a UNIX server, but I've even tried making a process server of my Windows laptop to more closely replicate the example given in the instruction guide, however, still no luck.

In the Admin Guide's example, the registry entry value is set to C:\temp , but how can this be right? These registry entries are at CPS system level, so shouldn't you have to qualify which server this directory is on (or does this refer to the C:\temp directory on any server)?

I've tried all sorts of values for the registry entry and various ways of referencing the required file in the [Attachments] section of the Mail Job's source code. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.