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Apr 13, 2012 at 09:56 AM

What is the exact recommendation for set up a BI client in solman system?


Hello expert,

I want to use Interactive Reporting function in a solman7.1 system.

For the titled topic, I found the following 2 notes which give me a different suggestion.

1) NOTE 1487626 - Where is best to set up BW for the Solution Manager

-> In this note, it recommends to set up BI client as same as the solman client.

2) NOTE 1146395 - Configuring CRM Interactive Reporting

-> In this note, it says "SAP does not recommend to use CRM and OLTP Reporting in the same client".

BTW, I'm following the Interactive Reporting config guide and try to set up the BI client in the same client as the Solution Manager.

But when I run the check configuration wizard via T-cd: /crmbw/config_wizard, it give me a warning message which says "Using CRM and BW reporting in same client not recommended". (attached file is the check result screen shot.)

So, does anyone can give me a precise answer for what is the exact recommendation in solman case?

Kind regards,