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Apr 13, 2012 at 09:23 AM

c folders creation - SRM 7.0


Hi ,

I am testing My demo system. I am testing the functioanlity of C-folders which is configured by senior team .

Please correct me my understanding if I am worng:

C-folders can use by strategic purchaser or by vendor.

Strategic purchase while creating Rfx or Auctions he can click on "Collbaration" . that will create a c-folder rite?

in attachement tab we can upload attahcemnt.

while creating RFx U uploaded some test attachement and I click on Collboration -> create , facing error: "Attachment Set data incorrectly filled".

Please just explain me the steps to test this fuctionality...

Before click on Collboration can I create anything..Am I missing anything??

System is already configured..I am not able to test properly.

Thanks in Advance,