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Apr 13, 2012 at 07:14 AM

Synchronous merge scenario


Hello all,

I just want to check this the experts in this forum if it is possible to implement next integration scenario in SAP PI.

My scenario is as follows:

A web portal has to show a list of data. This data comes from a SAP System (RFC) and a 3rd party system (WebService). SAP PI has to provide a web service to the web portal and has to collect the dato from SAP, then collect data from 3rd party system merge that data and provide to the web portal.

The full flow will be: Web portal call to a SAP PI web service. SAP PI call to SAP to get data (RFC), then call 3rd party system (Webservice), then merge both data and send back to the web portal.

Is that possible? (With a ccBPM)

Many thanks.