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Apr 13, 2012 at 06:54 AM

How to transfer data from HR to PS for a project with only WBS Elements


As in subject, I am trying to figure out why transfer of data from HR to PS is not happening when CATA is run. The project I am working on has only WBS Elements. In CAT2, user hour entries are made against Activity type, Receiver WBS Element. When CATA is run, the data is transferred to HR, CO. A controlling document has also been generated. When postings are made for a project against Network - Activity, the records were transfered to PS, cuz the Confirmation parameters were maintained.

I have checked the Note 555947 - PS/PM: Confirmation by CATS (Consulting note). But, this note seems applicable for a project where you have activities. Please advise how I can make this work for a project with only WBS Elements and no Network-Activities.