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Apr 13, 2012 at 05:25 AM

Regarding- Warranty Orders in CRM


Hello All,

We have CRM as our front end system and ECC as the backend system, our normal sales orders having deliveries and billing will be mapped in the backend, however with regards to our warranty orders the same needs to be mapped in CRM, however when creating the warranty orders in CRM the system should prompt the user if the order created in ECC is inside the warranty period or outside the warranty period, hence wanted to know how this scenario needs to be mapped, I understand that Materials created in ECC needs to be replicated in CRM, customer's will be created in CRM and pushed to ECC, however not sure how the prompt of warranty inside inside or outside the warranty period can be mapped in CRM when creating the warranty order in CRM also please let me know if there any other business objects which need to be replicated to CRM and overall how to map this process.

Kind Regards