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Jun 02, 2005 at 08:56 AM

Transport of datasource, infosource etc. for classification data


Hello All

I am an old ABAP programmer who has just started to work with BW.

My first task is to enhance an old DataSource for classification data. The changes worked fine in our Development system, but transport to the QA system is a problem.

I enhanced the definition of the DataSource in SBIW/CTBW and generated the DataSource/extraction structure.

The fieldname in the extraction structure is generated with a number suffix. As example one of the old fields is called DC_DCKALV050 where 050 is the suffix.

On the BW side this suffix is also used when the DataSource is linked to an infosource and it seems everything is works in our development system (maybe I don't describe this in the right way but please remember this is all new to me).

When I want to move it all to the QA environment I follow an old procedure made by an external consultant. According to this procedure I must NOT transport the definition of the infosource from BW development to BW QA, but I have already transported the definition of the DataSource on the R/3 side.

The problem is now that the infosource link to a fieldname with suffix 49, but the fieldname in the DataSource/extraction structure has suffix 50.

My guess is that this inconsistency will be fixed if i transport the infosource also ?

Is it normal procedure to transport the infosources or must I maintain the infosources in every system (DEV,QA,PRD) ?

Best regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen