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Apr 12, 2012 at 09:50 PM

How to "sum" or join comments from multiple detail lines?



I am creating a report in CR11 where i would like to "sum" all the comments from line items into a single cell or footer.

For example,

The comments in the table could be:

record 1: "load and unload"

record 2: "rig up"

record 3: "march 10 - 12"

I can produce the report with the three line details but I'd rather create a summary that I could join the above comments so that, say, I could put them all one line in the report so it looks like: "load and upload, rig up, march 10 -12".

I tried using the "Insert Summary" function in Crystal however "sum" is not an option when dealing with strings. I can only select "minimum" or "maximum". But I want to select all the comments and join them together. The number of records is not fixed.

Appreciate any help!