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Apr 12, 2012 at 09:52 PM

GRC AC 10 migration from 5.3 - Steps to import config and application data



We have successfully exported configuration and application data from our 5.3 frontend (RAR only - we do not use CUP or ERM and SPM is only configured on the backend).

We have successfully exported SPM config and application data from 2 sandbox (ECC and SRM).

We have put these 3 pieces in 3 separate directories: FrontendABC (RAR), BackendABC120 (SPM ECC), BackendXYZ500 (SPM SRM).

  1. When importing, the Migration Guide instructs to import Configuration first. Do we do the configuration import 3 separate times (one time for each directory) or put all the export files in one directory first?
    1. If the files are in the same directory, wouldn't the SPM data be overwritten?
  2. Our migration only includes RAR and SPM. The SPM data is all backend; we have nothing exported from frontend SPM 5.3 as we do not use frontend 5.3. Does this mean we use the "4.0" option when importing SPM configuration and application data?

Please let me know if I need to clarify my questions. Any feedback or tips on the Migration Import process would be great!