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Apr 12, 2012 at 05:01 PM

BPC 7.5NW: Problems with EVDRE



I am trying to create an inter-company reconciliation report in BPC, on which I would appreciate some help. The report is an EVDRE, with expansion turned off on columns but dynamic rows (for the selected account codes).

There is a drop down box which specifies the accounts to pull data for in rows. So, the user has the option to either select "All balance sheet accounts" which returns A1610,A1620,A2210,A2222,L1310,L1550,L2310,L2610,A2440,L2330,L2340,E1511 as the memberset for Account dimension. Or the user can select "A1610 - NC Loans & Cash Advances, Gross" which will return A1610 as the memberset.

The problem is that when multiple members are returned, the EVDRE works fine. But if a single member is returned (second example above), the EVDRE does not refresh when I click "Expand All". It still goes through a calculation process (the EVDRE calculation dialog box appears) but then, nothing happens.

There is no apparent error. EVDRE still says "OK".

Any help would be highly appreciated.