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Jun 02, 2005 at 07:52 AM

How to create my own tab and fieldgroup in PCUI



I want to create my own tab to show address fields in the existing applications of CRM for which i had implemented following steps but at the end facing some BSP error.

1. Created Event (Z00_SHOW_ADDRESS) Text "Address"

2. Assigned that Event to my View.

3. Created Field Group Z_ADDRESS_GROUP

4. Assigned Structure CRMT_BSP_ACC_ADDRESS to that field group.

5. Created FieldGroup Structure with all the required fields in it.

6. Defined Application Layout by assigning Event Z00_SHOW_ADDRESS, FieldGroup Z_ADDRESS_GROUP and existing tab Group.

7. In the Application Set to fill the fields by the model. copied the existing app. set COMM_CONTACT to Z00_COMM_CONTACT copied all the dependent entries and entered CRMT_BSP_ACC_ADDRESS and class CL_BSP_BP_ACCMOD_ADDR_CTRL as identifier Model Access Class.

At the end when opening the application in BAB facing this error


An error occurred in the BSP application

The following information is available about the error:

Name Value

error-class CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL

error-text Dereferencing of the NULL reference.

occurredinprogram(include) CL_CRM_BSP_IL=================CP(CL_CRM_BSP_IL=================CM016)

occurredinline 29

pls suggest the solution to solve this problem....???