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Masterdata changes


We are working on a solution where we change masterdata manually. Afterwards, we are using the chagned masterdata in the planning book.

Is there a way that after changing and activating the masterdata in RSA1 (will be changed by a transaction afterwards) we can work with this masterdata directly in the planning book without having to go out and in again?


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2 Answers

  • Apr 12, 2012 at 07:32 PM


    Could you please clarify the following?

    • Is the area of application DP?
      • (Usage of t.code RSA1 is almost negligible in SNP and CIF will transfer the master data changes to APO)
    • Is the following elaboration of your issue correct?
      • You would have opened the planning book and data view (t.code /SAPAPO/SDP94)
      • Few characteristics were updated in background (data upload, meta data changes, etc.)
      • You still need the opened planning book/data view to show up the updated master data (may be characteristics data in shuffler)
        • Probably, an example or detailed activity flow would be helpful to better understand the context.


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    • Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for the explanation.

      With respect to characteristics and navigational attributes, the system populates the internal structures with Info Objects data. Since this data seldom changes, these structures stay in memory and will be reused.

      Probably, you may try to open any other planning book/data view after master data changes. Then, jump to yours and load your selection profile to flush out the stale data and reload it again.



  • Apr 16, 2012 at 06:56 AM

    Hi Tommy,

    I don't think you have the possibility of having loaded data in the planning view while making the master data changes, and then expect that the master data changes would come into effect without coming out of the planning view.

    There are steps in background when you enter the planning view. When you loaded the selection, the check based on master data (for CVCs), etc already happens. After this, you could only load the data based on the selection.

    System can only pick up your changes in the master data when you come out of the planning view, and make the selection again.

    If you want to make changes based on your selection, why are you going to the planning view for that? First go to /n/sapapo/mc62. Give the name of your planning object structure for the planning area. Use the option "display characteristic combinations". Give the selections as per your requirement and you would get the list of CVCs as per your selection. Make changes as per your requirement, and then you could check here that changes are fine. Then you use the updated CVC in planning view.

    PS: This is very strange for me to hear that you would be making changes to CVC master data on the fly. You should put in the relevant logic in transformations (or rules, if you use older version of BW in APO), so that this kind of manual activity could be avoided.

    Thanks - Pawan

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    • Former Member

      Hi Pathak,

      We are not chaning CVC data, but we are chaning navigational attributes.

      Also we are not changing data in the planning book, but we have macro's that are selection based on that navigational attribute. Business knows for example that a product should have a status I as a nav attribute.

      Then they go to the RSA1 and change there the NAV attribute to make  sure the macro takes the correct logic in the planning book. But before the new NAv attribute is selected, we need to go out of the planning book.

      But I think this is what you are mentionning what is happening when you open the planning book?