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Apr 12, 2012 at 01:39 PM

EPM10NW: Import Master Data from BW


Hi experts,

Hope someone could help 😉

I try to import Master Data using this package : /CPMB/IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER

In my transformation file, i put VALIDATE RECORDS to NO.

and, in the Mapping Section, I have written : ID=ID

While executing the package i get this error :

Task name MASTER DATA TARGET: Error in Admin module or a component used by Admin module Member '1000100' attribute value is invalid: 'ACCTYPE' = ''.

Obviously, in BW, my infoobject '0COSTELEMNT' do not have that attributes as it is a BPC specific property.

I clearly imagine I miss something.... but what ?

could you help ?

Tks a lot 😊