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Former Member
Apr 12, 2012 at 09:42 AM

Add method doesn't work. Errorcode = -1



I'm trying to parse the values from an UI and insert them as a new row to a Table with the Add method from the SAPbobsCOM.UserTable class. I set the proper values for each of the table fields and then I call the Add method, but I always get the errorcode -1 which is not explained in the SDK Help.

In the Table I have alphanumeric types but also for example data or amount types. I did some tests and the problem is probably with the amount types. When I put the valid value manually without bindings between UI items and their corresponding Table fields, then I get this error. The only way to make this working is the bind with the DBDataSource. The problem is that in my case the binding with the Table fields is not desired and I want to do the validation of the inputs manually. Is it possible to make the add method working without setting the binds or do I have to use bindings for UserDataSources and set them manually for each field? Or the second solution that I have in mind is just preparing a sql statement?

Thanks in advance for any help.