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Apr 12, 2012 at 09:37 AM

Integrate an Installed DS4.0 on another BO4.0 CMC


Hi all,

We are planning to test DS4.0 and BO4.0 in a Laboratory environment.

We know that in the DS4.0 installation process the installer will connect with an existing BO4.0 platform and we think that is in this step where the necesary changes are made on CMS and web applications in order to enable new DS tabs that allow DS administration on CMC.

The problem is that after our testing processs our BO4.0 platform will be deleted, DS4.0 testing environment will become our real (not testing) development environment and we would like to integrate DS on another future real BO4.0 environment.

Can we do that?, because we don't want to install again DS. Does the modify DS system program allow to modify only this issue?

Could DS4.0 be administrated only with DS Management Console?. This is only a last option because we would like to administrate with CMC?.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Castrillón