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Former Member
Apr 12, 2012 at 08:36 AM

Territory management: Relevance of duplicating Rule Policies ?



I have a question to ask you about territories and rules running, hoping you might help me :

When creating a territory, we have to set first the rule policies that will help us define the territory's rules.

We start by defining a rule policy, following the 3 creation's steps :

1. Rule policy
2. Rule Set
3. Defining the rule with its conditions, and the territoy to return.

Our rule policy is created, let's go back to our territory.

Back to the territories' page : when editing the rules' list, we have to define a Rule Set (again) and to set the rule's conditions and their values.

The result I expected was : since I have already defined the coditions to my rule and the values to those conditions once, I should be able to find them back when choosing a rule set for my territory. If not the condition values, at least the conditions themselves.

My question is : what's the point of defining a rule with all its conditions when creating a rule set, if we have to redefine it once editing a rule for a territory?

Thanks !