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Jun 02, 2005 at 03:14 AM

regarding BDC


Dear guys,

I have problem in Batch input program.

we have written batch input program to upload text file containting one record.

Text data contains records for Companycode 100, the structure like this delimted by tab.


code Year GLacct no amount

100 2004 045N 081100100 -65000000 -65000000 -65000000 -70000000 -65000000 -70000000 -70000000 -70000000 -86000000 -111000000 -127000000 0

when i used this text file to upload.its not uploading uploaded to table glt0 even though it works fine for

company code 200 or 790.

Yes, if i just try for changing Companycode 100 to 200 or 790 it gets uploaded fine without any problem.

only in case of companycode 100, I get not working. why is it. How can i debug and where could be the problem.

can some body help me.