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Apr 12, 2012 at 05:48 AM

Set property not working without pressing enter


Hi All,

I am creating an opportunity. I have added an AET generated field and everything is fine. The field is in the items assignment block of opportunity page. Now my requirement is such that once the prosuct is selected and quantity is selected the expected total value in the same table gets calculated. I have to multiply this expected total value with the profitability( from my Ztable) and set the AET field in the backend. i have coded in the Do_prepare_output of itemslist view. The field is getting set (i.e set property method is working fine) when i press ener after entering the quantity. Howeevr, when i enter the quantity and directly press on save (eithout enter) the value that is set in the field in the backend is the earlier one.

Note: i checked in debug mode. The caluclation and everything is perfect. Just that Set_property method id not able to set the field.

i could find some info regarding committ in the below link. I am afraid that i am not able to follow. I am getting an error in the line get_transaction . The error says "the method with the name get_transaction cannot be found or it is either protected or private"