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Apr 12, 2012 at 03:45 AM

Data records were marked as incorrect in the PSA.


Dear All,

Purchase related data source 2lis_02_scl datasource chain is failuring from last 5 days due to incorrect data loaded in PSA on 7/04/2012. From this data source data is storing in two data targets 1.Info cube 2.DSO. Here for this Info cube from another 2lis_02_itm datasource also data is coming. Due to failre in purchase related datasource this 2lis_02_itm data in Infocube "Request for reporting analysis" symbol not showing.

What should i have to do now, shell i delete 2lis_02_scl bad request in infocube and then correct the data in PSA, and data load manualy.

It effect other datasource?

This flow related to 3.5.