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Former Member
Apr 11, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Open Hub - Merge Files


Hello Everyone,

My question is related to the files generated using Open Hub. I understand Open Hub generates two file (header and data) for the flat file output.

  1. How can we merge these two files and create one file with the header and data?
  2. I believe I need to write a code to merge these file, what's the best place to write the code. I mean I don't see any thing within Open Hub that allows to write code for the output file.
  3. Also, I need to generate one file with header and data, also I need to add the date time stamp to the file name. Is there any way we can do it?
  4. I also need to have the EOF line at the end of the flat file (CSV format). If I know the code for merging the file and where to write the code, I believe I can extend it to insert additional record for the EOF.

I appreciate any help on this.


Asim Siddiqui