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Jun 01, 2005 at 08:17 PM

IDoc -> IDoc interfacing with multiple mappings



We want to use two different mappings for the same IDoc interface (based on a condition). So we use the ORDERS idoc for a sales scenario and also for a purchase scenario. The sending service is the same for both ORDERS messages, lets call it service SEND. Furthermore, for both ORDERS messages, the receiving service is also the same lets call it RECV.

The problem is that we want to use a different mapping for the ORDERS sales scenario as for the ORDERS purchase scenario. The sending and receiving interface in both cases is the same.

The receiver determination and interface/mapping determination is a problem in this case.

One way to solve this is to use a party, but in the configuration of the party you can only use the same sending logical system name ONCE. So party A cannot have the same logical system name (SEND) as party B (SEND) for scheme ALE#LS.

Another way would be to use different services, one for the first scenario and mapping and one for the second. Again the problem is that you need to enter adapter settings for both services (RECV1 and RECV2), but a logical system name can only be used in ONE service. If you want to assgin it to a second service, this is not allowed.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

thanks !