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Apr 11, 2012 at 03:03 PM

Bex Query Designer - Identify Region from Company



I have to create a Bex Query based on a Multiprovider. My Multiprovider has 3 infocubes which are Plant, Company & Region data. Region data being the highest level. The report should be to provide a Compan input variable for the user based on which the Plants belonging to Company, the Company data and the Region to which this Company belongs to data to be shown.

Plant Infocube contains, Year, Plant, Company & Region.

Company infocube contans Year, Company & Region

Region Infocube contains Year, Region.


Plant Infocube 2011, 101, 25 & 10

Company Infocube 2011, 25 & 10

Region Infocube 2011, 10

When Company 25 is selcted from the variable, I need to identify the region as 10 from Region Infocube to calculate the KPI value.

I need some assistance to identify the Region the Company belongs to in my bex query without using a Customer exit. I know it is possible to write a customer exit to identify which region this Company belongs to but wondering if there is any other way to do this.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,