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Apr 11, 2012 at 03:25 PM

Renamed the window and got problem with a syntax error


Hi, I have created a view v_form that is embedded in a window W_FORM of a component controller ZWDC_FORM. I wanted to rename the window according to the naming conventions since it had another name first and after doing so I had to do minor changes since I got syntax errors. But I still have one remaining error that I do not understand. I have created a reference to the window in the view in method wddoinit.

wd_this->go_w_form = wd_this->get_w_form_ctr( ).

I have declared the global attribute go_w_form in the view refering to ig_w_form and when I double click on the class it says that there is no class with this name.

But when I add an declaration inside a in the same method wddoinit i the view like this:

DATA go_w_form TYPE REF TO ig_w_form.

wd_this->go_w_form= wd_this->get_w_form_ctr( ).

and double click on the class ig_w_form I get into the class so it's really existing.

I do not understand how to correct the error. Is there anyone that can help me to solve this error?

Thank you very much, regards Lena