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Apr 11, 2012 at 03:00 PM

Problem to post foreign payment in FF67



I have a problem with manual bank statement FF67 and would kindly ask you for help.

Bank account is in local currency DKK (Denmark), but foreign payments to vendors are also handled via this account.


Vendor invoice 100 EUR, posted on Credit with exchange rate 7,0 which gives 700 DKK

Automatic Payment Program posts: Vendor account Debit 100 EUR, Bank OUT clearing account Credit 100 EUR. No exchange rate differences posted with F110.

On the Bank Statement we have the invoice paid 100 EUR with bank exchange rate 7,1 which gives 710 DKK.

So I want the system to generate following posting:

In foreign currency (EUR):
Bank OUT clearing account – Debit 100 EUR
Bank main account – Credit 100 EUR

In local currency (DKK):
Bank OUT clearing account – Debit 700 DKK
Bank main account – Credit 710 DKK
Exchange rate differences – Debit 10 DKK

The problem in FF67 is that such a posting can be created only if I maintain bank account currency in foreign currency EUR. But the account currency is DKK, so the system always requires and refers to amount in local currency. If I enter amount 710 DKK paid by the bank, the system refers to invoice amount in local currency (700 DKK) and displays error message: “Difference too large for clearing”.

I hope I was clear enough in my explanation and some of you can help me to find a way how to post payment 100 EUR = 710 DKK in FF67 and to get automatic posting in both currencies, as I specified above. If needed, I will provide the screens.

Thank you

Jolanta S.