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Jun 01, 2005 at 05:58 PM

help in combining the fields in the internal table


hi folks,

thanks a lot yesterday for all your inputs I was able to make it work and data is getting stored into the internal table -BDATA .

I have awarded points for all. Taking it a step further, I need your help in this regard becoz I have done this before.

types: begin of structbdata,

fbuda(date) type jhtfp-fbuda,

vavtyp(code)type jhtfp-vavtyp,

aubel type jhtfp-aubel,

breite_s type jhamot-breite_s,

hoehe_s type jhamot-HOEHE_S,

end of structbdata.

Now, I have two fields of data one -fbuda(mm/dd/yyyy) need to convert it into 'mm/dd' and join ( in sense concatenate but i need some space between them becoz in the table they need to sit in the same field but as separate data not combined into one word) the data field value of vavtyp with it and pass the data into single field of another internal table. This internal table has other fields too. But this combined data go into one field . Here the number of records are many(130 may be).

Your help is widely appreciated and thanks in advance.