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Apr 11, 2012 at 12:49 PM

Tax codes are not transported from Development client to Testing client with in a server


Dear Friends,

I created Tax codes in T -code FTXP in development client.But these tax codes are not transported to testing client when i did client copy through T-code SCC1.

and system is throwing an information message in development client while processing FTXP.

Help me in this issue.

Message is-

Important note on transporting tax codes -> F1

Message no. F4794


Transporting tax codes requires manual postprocessing. This postprocessing is also necessary if tax codes have to be transported from one client to another within the system.


When tax codes are transported, the tax rates of the tax codes are transported using auxiliary table T007V. Logical transport object FTXP is used to transport the definition data of the tax code from table T007A and the language-dependent name to table T007S.

The tax accounts for the tax codes (table T030K) are not transported.

The internal jurisdiction codes are also not transported.

The transport of tax codes between systems or clients consists of two steps:

1. Step:
Export tax codes from source system or source client

2. Step:
Import tax codes into target system or target client


  1. 1. In the source system or client, in Customizing for the Financial Accounting Basic Settings, choose
  2. Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Calculation ->
  3. Define Tax on Sales and Purchases Code
  4. .
  5. 2. Choose
  6. Tax Code -> Transport -> Export
  7. .
  8. 3. Assign the export to the relevant transport request and make a note of the request number.
    4. Select and save the tax codes to be transported.
    5. Make sure that the selected tax codes have the transport number in table T007V.
    To check the table, in the SAP menu choose
Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> Data Browser.
    Enter the table name. The tax codes are in the MWSKZ fields, the tax jurisdiction codes in the TXJCD fields.
    6. Arrange the transport of the request to the target system.
    To transport the request, in the SAP menu choose
Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> Workbench Organizer -> Environment -> Customizing Organizer.


    1. Make sure that the transported tax codes are recorded in table T007V of the target system or target client.
    2. In the source system or client, in Customizing for the Financial Accounting Basic Settings, choose
Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Calculation -> Define Tax on Sales and Purchases Code.
    3. The tax codes should have been created in the target system without a tax percentage rate by the import.

Otherwise you can do this manually:
In the target system, create the tax codes that do not exist there.
Create the tax codes completely, but without tax percentage rates.
    If you use internal systems in company codes in the USA or Canada, the relevant tax jurisdiction codes should also exist. You make the settings for the tax jurisdiction code in Customizing for Financial Accounting Basic Settings under
Tax on Sales and Purchases -> Basic Settings -> Define Tax Jurisdiction Codes.
    4. Choose
Tax Code -> Transport -> Import.
    5. Check the proposed values for the transport request and country.
    6. Run the import.

Notes for the transport of tax accounts

When you transport tax codes between different systems or clients, no tax accounts are transported.

Adjust the tax accounts in the source and target system (or source and target client) manually.

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