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Apr 11, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Condition Amout (MEK3) different from Net Price (MM43)


Hello all,

A help, please.


At info record (MEK3) my Purchase Condition has AMOUNT = 7,13€

***Exclusion column is flagged with APP=M and CndEx = X (gross price)

At MM43/ Purchase View/ Condition section/ Net Price field (EINE-NETPR) the net price is 6,54€

***Exclusion column is flagged with APP=M and CndEx = X (gross price)

Would anyone tell me why the prices are different from MEK3 and MM43?

note 1: The help for field NET PRICE says: -Net Price in Purchasing Info Record. The price is determined automatically by the system. Display the conditions to find out how the price was calculated. MY QUESTION: How can I know how SAP is calculating it?

note 2: I have seen a SAP Note 392988 (Consulting: Prices in info record and RM06INP0).
Symptom: In the info record (Transaction ME12/13), the system displays different prices (net or effective) than expected. This symptom, for example, occurs after a condition maintenance or after you have executed report RM06I also occur without condition maintenance or execution of RM06INP0. This phenomenon can even occur after you have imported KOND_A01 IDocs.

Other terms:

Purchasing info record, info record, PIR, EINE-PRDAT, RM06INP0, ME12, ME13, MM42, MM43, net price, effective price, MEKP, MEKPE, EINE-NETPR, NET.

MY QUESTION: Do you think this is the problem of having different prices at MEK3 and MM43? How can I confirm if this is the problem?

Please, a help or a tip.cause I am lost.