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Apr 11, 2012 at 10:34 AM

Customizing portal URL



I am trying to customize the URL to our portal, so that "irj" is not included, e.g. where "mypage" is a portal alias. Any solution that performs a redirect to an URL including "irj" is not good enough. "irj" should never be displayed in the user's browser.

According to most posts I have found, the only way to do this completely (i.e. so that "irj" is never displayed in the user's browser) is by using a reverse proxy. We are using SAP Web Dispatcher and configured it to rewrite /mypage to /irj/mypage.

The rewrite works but the problem is that the login page sets a cookie ( with path /irj. Since the browser only sees the URL, the cookie is never sent by the browser. This causes the login to fail.

Does anyone know how to solve this? I can think of three approaches but I don't know if any of them is possible to implement:

1) Configure the portal to not include "irj" in the URL.

2) Configure the portal to set path / instead of /irj to the cookie.

3) Configure SAP Web Dispatcher to change the path of the cookie from /irj to / when it is sent in the http reposonse. This is possible with the Apache proxy ( but I can't find something similar in SAP Web Dispatcher.