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Apr 11, 2012 at 07:03 AM

Customizating error in work schedule rule 2 NI 01 AS35WK01



Here I am again logging a call for the same error I discussed on SCN a month back I believe.

But somehow that time I was able to rectify the error for one EE but this same error is popping up for other EE and I want a full n final solution of this error.

While running payroll I am getting Error Customizating error in work schedule rule 2 NI 01 AS35WK01.

It will be highly appreciated if you have a look in entire confg details before coming up with the solutions relating to PS grouping n all.

  • I have created NI holiday calender in PG grouping 01 and ESG 2.
  • I have generated NI_WRS01 work schedule for PSG 01, ESG 2 and holiday calender NI.
  • In 0007 , work schedule NI_WRS01 is maintained.
  • I am able to get all absences with the same PSG grouping 01 and hence able to maintain absence as well.
  • So hence I am not finding any customizing error with groupings n all.
  • Here error is saying that AS35WK01 doesnt exist, which is but obvious . Why this work schedule should be there if I have maintained som other work shedule.
  • Yes would like to make a note AS35WK01 is assigned earlier to the same employee and i have changed it now to NI_WRS01.

Please its my humble request that reading above , reply me with ur suggestions......

Waiting for postive revert.