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p m
Apr 11, 2012 at 03:54 AM

VAT to diff G/L acc depending upon the transaction


Hi experts ,

we are implementing both vat and cst ie we have only vat and cst in the sales pricing procedure we are not implementing exice as most of the items are inter company and no procurement is what customization is needed on the finance we have to create the tax pricing procedure TAXINN or TAXINJ.if yes what are the condition types to be maintained in it.And account postings should be done to different G/L accounts depending upon intercomapnt vat,intra company vat,intercompany with a c form.each of these postings should be done to different G/L accounts.on the SD side do we have to maintain conditions for vat and cst?how should we maintain tax code.

I apologize for having too many question in a post

thanks in advance