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Former Member
Apr 11, 2012 at 04:11 AM

Pricing condition issue


Hi gurus

Please help on following.

Created a new condition table (for a condition for DISCOUNT) with Key combination Sales Org+Sales Office+Mat Group 2 (from MM01->Sales Org 2).

Same is then corrected placed into access seq. Condition is for Billing.

Condtion value then maintained for above key conbination.


When we have 2 items in a Billing, for item 10 system correctly calculate condition value.

However for item 20 it shows error in pricing. However, then when updated manually pricing comes correctly.

We also found that during intial creation of billing document, when system carry out pricing, for Item 20, system still shows MAT. GROUP 2 (see Key combination above) of Item 10 only. (And therefore it can not get the pricing). Then we UPDATE the pricing mannully, correct MAT GROUP 2 get for ITEM 20 and then subsequently Item 20 pricing get corrected.

What could be the issue??

Please help.