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Apr 10, 2012 at 06:19 PM

Help with Dashboard Product


Hi, I'm looking into acquiring a SAP BW Dashboard product know as SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011 with Viewing Licenses. I am looking to design dashboards with SAP BW Queries as the source. I then want to put the dashboards on the SAP BW Portal.

I am having a very hard time finding out exactly which product I need and how much it will cost. Everywhere online I see different names for the product. Even links to the 2011 version seem to take me to excelcius links and anywhere but somewhere that is clear.

1. Can anyone tell me what the latest Dashboard Design Product is? (I am guessing it is SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011)

2. So I need a Design Product and separate viewing licenses?

3. Is the price for the Design Product and viewing licenses set or do I need to negotiate?

4. Can this product use SAP BW Queries as a datasource when we are on SAP BW 7.0 sp27 (SAPKW70026)

5. What link can I use to purchase this product to create dashboards and publish them to my SAP BW Portal

6. Where does the designer reside and do I need a separate server for this?

Thanks for your help clearing all of this up.
Here's a link I found that mentions how confusing the naming is