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Apr 10, 2012 at 05:11 PM

Multiple segments checking in multipl idocs.


Hi Mates,

i have issue while doing mapping for multiple idocs to mutliple records.

My requirement is like this . each idoc is like one record at target . based on idocs i should populate multiple multiple records,

My sample xml is follows.

Idoc <0 to unbounded> Record < 0 to unbounded>

<Segment> 0 to unbounded

<qulifier> Name


Now my condition is : if qualifier is "M" i should pass name to Name at target.

sample i should get like this. Output should be

Idoc Record

<Segment> <Name>kumar

<name> </Record>

</Segment> Record

<Name> Test


<qulifier> M








<qulifier> M



Can any one please give me the logic.

i am not getting properly due to context problem.