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Apr 10, 2012 at 03:23 PM

Looking for the solution of automatic query documentation


Dear SAP Experts,

I am now deeply at the end of a customer project BI 7.0 EhP02. Naturally, we have to document the system prepared. After many-many discussion we decided to use the html extract prepared from the metadata repository to document in a comprehensive way all the system settings and content. This works super, we are preparing such extracts from the productive BW system at special project stage points and it builds up the end-documentation of the related project phases. This is excellent. However, we found that the queries are not documented precisely, only some small level of information is prepared. It is extremely important to have all the query features (rows/columns/selections) TOGETHER WITH THE INDIVIDUAL SELECTION LISTS (e.g. selected gl accounts at a special restricted key figure...) that were set-up by the developers for preparing the final query. I know this information is not given in the metadata repository and now I ask you, could you give me some possible tips-and-tricks how to extract such information automatically for the BW system? (e.g. query logging, or...I do not know). At the final solution I would be (moreover important the customer would be) happy having an automatic extraction methodology that produces an extract that is relative easy to read. Here we should concentrate on queries (and workbooks).

Have many thanks in advance for your help!