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Apr 10, 2012 at 03:14 PM

Automatic posting to G/L Codes for different movement type


Hi All,

i am really confused how the goods movements ( 101,201,561,122 etc ) are taking the different G/L codes from OBYC ?

After GR (101 movement type), it takes 3 G/L code for financial postings.

one G/L is for stock posting & is taken from "BSX" .

2nd G/L is GR/IR account & it is taken from "GBB". here, what is the transaction like "AKO" for 101 movement type & how they decide ?

& 3rd G/L is Price difference G/L account & it is taken from "PRD" (in OBYC).

Like above, can anybody explain all the detailed postings for all other movement type ( 201,561,122 etc ) ?

what are the movement types( like 101) where there is financial postings ?