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Jun 01, 2005 at 11:29 AM

remove table row



I have a table that is coming from a R/3 display_bapi. Users can change the contents of the table and send it back to R/3 via a change_bapi.

What I want to do is remove all of the rows of the table that haven't actually been changed by the user so that a smaller amount of data is being sent. (eg. if a user has a table with 1000 rows of data (because they performed a wide search query) but only changes 1, 999 other rows should be removed from the table before RFC is executed).

How would one go about this? could I loop around the LeadSelection and isMultiSelected properties? Or must I create a flag column to the table to track "if selected" or "if changed" (or create an array). Or would it be better to copy the contents to another context element and compare the contents to determine which were changed, then delete the unchanged?

And once I find a way to determine the rows to be deleted how do I detele them?



Thanks for the help! Full points will be awarded!