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Apr 10, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Purchase requisition created by GATP RBA


We use GATP with RBA. It is set up to generate a purchase req when location substitution occurs and the stock can only be partially confirmed against the plant of the order and the rest of the stock is coming from another plant. For example, there is 2000 units available for a material at plant 0112. When a sales order is placed fro 2500 units of the material it shows that it will fullfil the requirement with 2000 from location 0112 and the remaning 500 will be sourced from plant 0103. For some reason the purchase req is created for the full qty of 2500 from 0103 instead of just the 500 units which is required.

Any ideas ?

The customer goes into credit block and we have implemented some notes dealing with credit blocks and the TQA's.