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Former Member
Apr 10, 2012 at 06:21 AM

Cannot find BP-from-BUT000 in CRMD_PARTNER but available in Tcode BP!


Hello Experts,


I have a selection screen with the following select-options:


Partner No

Partner function


Date of creation


(I have to retrieve partners, say, 99999 and 99998. Both partners can be found on transaction BP with role PROSPECT)

NB: I leave Partner No blank!

I entered a partner function(AAA), Origin(BBBB) and date of creation(99.99.9999). I use the data from the fields Origin and date of creation to get the partners from BUT000. I retrieve the PARTNER and PARTNER_GUID from BUT000. Then i use BUT000-PARTNER_GUID and do a for all entries in CRMD_PARTNER-PARTNER_NO with an additional condition PARTNER_FUNCTION as "ZZZZ".

Suppose from BUT000 i get 1000 records. Then from CRMD_PARTNER i get 3 lines. Now from CRMD_PARTNER I am getting partners 99999, 99997 and 99996. (The partner function i used is for prospects)

My problem is that 1st I am not getting 99998. Second when i check on the Transaction Tcode BP, 99996 and 99997 are NOT prospects. (They do not have the role Prospect)

I am confused. Can you please help me establish the right link from BUT000 and CRMD_PARTNER (or otherwise) so that i get 99999 and 99998.

Thanks in advance,