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Apr 10, 2012 at 06:33 AM

Hotspot not working in interactive ALV in Webdynpro ABAP


I have created a hotspot for interactive ALV in Webdynpro ABAP.

But the hotspot link is not working.

I have used the following code in the method WDDOINIT of the view where ALV should be displayed.

method WDDOINIT .

DATA: lo_ref_cmp_usage TYPE REF TO if_wd_component_usage,

lo_salv TYPE REF TO iwci_salv_wd_table,

lo_value TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_config_table,

lo_column_settings TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_column, l

o_link_to_action TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_uie_link_to_action.

* create the used component

lo_ref_cmp_usage = wd_this->wd_cpuse_alv( ).

IF lo_ref_cmp_usage->has_active_component( ) IS INITIAL.

lo_ref_cmp_usage->create_component( ).


* Get a pointer to the SALV interface controller

lo_salv = wd_this->wd_cpifc_alv( ).

* Get the reference to properties of all the columns and rows

lo_value = lo_salv->get_model( ).

* Get the reference to the column VBELN

call method lo_value->if_salv_wd_column_settings~get_column


receiving value = lo_column_settings.

* Create the object of cl_salv_wd_uie_link_to_action

* If the column has to be in the editable mode create the object

* of cl_salv_wd_uie_input_field instead.

CREATE OBJECT lo_link_to_action.

* Set the Field VBELN with the Hyperlink Texts in the Cells

lo_link_to_action->set_text_fieldname( 'VBELN' ).


Can anyone help me to find out why the hotspot is not working.