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Apr 10, 2012 at 03:56 AM

Back dated MM posting - Historical GI/GR & IV


Hello All,

My scenario is this:

Our client acquired a small part of another company(using SAP). The seller had given the data extract for required SAP tables to us including MKPF and MSEG. Our client need those historical data to be stored in SAP for reference and audit purposes. Client copy is not possible and we are in the process of converting those data through data conversion process. So far we are good in creating materials, PO transactions etc. Now we are stuck in posting goods movement data and invoice verification as unlike FI postings here we cannot open closed MM periods. We have these transactions from year 2007-2011. My queries are here:

Note: We are using a separate client other than production for this historical data migration.

1. Opening previous periods?

One of the dirty ways I got: a) Before doing any posting as a first step delete the assignment of plant to company code via transaction 'OX18'. b) Now via 'OMSY' change the current year and period for the company code. c) Come back to 'OX18' and assign the plant again.

-> Will this way of opening an older period affects anything else other than posting?

3. Does backdated posting affect only stock value, stock qty & moving average price in MM?

2. Stock value, stock qty & moving average price(MAP)?

In a normal scenario backdated postings have the risk of changing the MAP in the current period. However in our case they are actually the posting of the older periods(historical data). SoI suppose whatever stock value, stock qty & MAP reflecting in the current period is correct and valid.

->Is my assumption correct here?

Sorry about asking many questions in a single post! Apart from this even if you have a different better approach for this process please share.

Your valuable inputs are highly appreciated!