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Apr 09, 2012 at 11:45 PM

Pricing Condition replication error


Hello all,

Pricing Condition Replication

Hello- when i try to replicate download object YDNL_CUST_CNDALL (Customized form of DNL_CUST_CNDALL), I get an error thats listed below.

Funct. CND_MAP_CONV_FUNC_T682Z_FNAME cannot convert content ZZPRODH1 of field T682Z-QUFNA to field /SAPCND/T682Z-QUFNA

Message no. CND_MAP141


Conversion of the source field into the target field cannot be implemented. Possible causes may be:

No conversion is defined for the current contents of the source field in the system tables for condition exchange.

There is no conversion rule for converting the current field content in the system tables for condition exchange.

Conversion according to the defined conversion rule was not correct for the current contents of the source field.

The reason for this os often problems that result from putting together an R/3 System with a CRM System. These problems are, for example:

not paying attention to the restrictions in CRM for data values or supporting applications and objects,

incorrect exchange objects or exchange objects with the wrong selection values,

an inconsistent data structure from the R/3 OLTP System.


Use note 0314542/2000 and the references contained in to analyze the problems in more detail and possibly resolve them.

Has anyone seen this?

I checked the access sequence and it seems that Access type A is used for line 30.

Do you have any suggestions?

I would really appreciate it.


Error 2.jpg (51.8 kB)
Error 1.jpg (34.6 kB)