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Apr 09, 2012 at 11:17 PM

Transporter Invoices capture in MIRO


I am using STO for transporting finished goods from manufacturing plant to another plant. We use only one STO with large qty so that there is no need of creating so many as shifting is an ongoing and continous process.Many transporters are engaged in shifting the material.

I am capturing the transporter in freight condition type FRB1 in STO pricing schema.We pay transporters based on the qty shifted.

After the month end, the transporter prepare there statement of no of trips and qty shifted in a month. These transporters then submit there invoices on 5th of next month for payment stating the qty shifted in previous month

When we capture transporter invoices in reference to STO and selecting planned delivery cost, system defaults the total qty that has been shifted by the transporter till now, to say, if the transporter have shifted 1000 ton in march and I am capturing invoice today 10 april. system will default the qty from previous month + the qty the transporter has shifted till now.

it is so tedious to do and seperate the qty of previous month from the total qty and value defaulted by system,

Any way to book transporters invoices period wise ?