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Former Member
Apr 09, 2012 at 07:14 PM

Posting to Loans taking very long



We have a custom program to handle property tax payments on the customer's behalf. It posts the following documents.

1. Creates vdbepp, addbepp and then calls LOAN_POST to post a property tax payable flow on a loan. This step is carried out in a loop for several loans. A typical worklist has about 5000-8000 such loans.

2. If step 1 is succesful for all loans, it also creates a KR Document to credit a FI vendor account (the municipality) for the total amount.

So overall, we are posting about 8000 documents in CML and 1 FI vendor document. I expect this process to be fairly quick, but it takes 15 min to post these documents.

I am just wondering if this is typical. Is there anyway to optimize or parallelize this ?