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Apr 09, 2012 at 05:29 PM

Problem with transports


We have an issue where after weve transported all models including data dictionary object etc., that the model does not work correctly in the target system.

So after moving transports from DEV to QA, the problem appears to be in the mapping and the map_items method.. If I test the Proxy in SE80 simutaneously between DEV and QA, the data is retrieved successfully from the backend system, but does not get mapped to the output(response) structure in QA. It looks like the fields of the response structure do not get mapped, so the mapping method has nothing to map to. The screen shot below shows which structure is supposed to have my output fields, but it is blank.

If we open up QA and regenerate the BDC model, it then works, but naturally we do not want to have to do this. So something is not getting transported across correctly or generated...anyone ever encounter this?




duetmapfields.jpg (154.2 kB)